Did This Cop Really Have To Taser This Old Dude?

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You be the judge.

While the NYPD plans to spend $4.5 million on new Tasers for its officers, a lesson in non-lethal force was given in the small Floridian city of Lawtey last week. Having been called to assist a motorist who had stopped in the median, a Lawtey Police Officer was soon confronted with the driver who was obviously pissed about something. Viewing the 60-year-old driver as "aggressively" approaching him, instead of trying to calm him down with words, the "situation" was handled with a simple click of his Taser gun.

With the police's use of excessive force under severe scrutiny in recent months, expect officers to turn to their Tasers on a more regular basis. Do you think this guy deserved to be incapacitated like this? Or could the cop of handled this without an electroshock weapon? It appears the cops new maxim is: "Taser first, ask questions later."

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