Did This Guy Just Have Sexual Relations With A Porsche?

Sure, that'll buff right out. But what about the emotional scars?

Itisn't rare for gearheads to develop emotions for their own rides or even forthose elusive dreamcars that they'll never get to lay a hand on. Well, for one man in Thailand, separatingthe symbolic from hands-on practice proves to be a bit harder than itwould be for most of us. The Thai guy is seen entering a garage, where he scopes out the offerings and selects his prey – a Porsche Boxster. With no need for a wing-man, he simply ignores the Mercedes behind him and gets right down to business with his baby.

Making sure he gets everything done perfectly, he triesout the back of the car before going for a grand finale in the car'spreviously-innocent grill. Unfortunately, we haven't received any further informationas to whether the perp was caught or how the Boxster has been holding up sincethe trauma.

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