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Did This Porsche 918 Just Have The Worst Day Ever?


Buying a hypercar is a serious investment. If you spend nearly $1 million on a car you should rightfully expect to get a lot of performance out of it. You probably also shouldn’t expect to have too much competition on the road or down the drag strip, unless of course you meet another hypercar or supercar. Right? Well that’s what the owner of this Porsche 918 probably thought, especially when he lined up on the drag strip next to an innocent looking Nissan GT-R.

However, what happens in this video is absolute proof that just because you’re willing to shell out big bucks on a hypercar, by no means does this make you the king of the road. Also, in case there’s any doubt regarding the result of the first run, fast forward to the 2:50 mark for a second run between the two cars.

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