Did TopCar Make A Gold Cayenne That's Elegant Or Immature?


Gold and black can be tough to pull off.

Last time we saw Russian tuning house TopCar toying with the Porsche Cayenne it had slapped the name "Vantage" on it and covered the SUV in all-black. Well TopCar is back with another Vantage Cayenne, except this time the black carbon fiber elements are matched with a gold paint job. Other than the color the two SUVs are basically the same. The new addition that stands out most is the all-black carbon fiber hood. The second thing that likely caught your eye are the six-spoke ADV.1 Wheels. That black grille is also quite fetching as well.

We have seen TopCar take the gold-black approach recently, albeit it was on Porsche's baby SUV, the Macan. While that car was described as having a finish that would "make you feel like a king or throwing up" by my colleague I happen to like the gold Vantage Cayenne. Straight on the color combo looks a bit silly and immature but from the side it just works, especially with that black panoramic sunroof. As always let us know what you think of this potentially questionable choice of color in the comments.

Source Credits: en.top-car.ru

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