Did We Just Catch Volvo Testing An XC90 Pickup Truck?

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If Mercedes can make a truck then why not Volvo?

Normally our spy photographers are pretty on it when it comes to identifying the cars they're snapping shots of, thick camo be damned! However, this oddly extended Volvo XC90 test mule has them, and us, stumped. The Volvo SUV has had its wheelbase lengthened and a steel platform has been built over the back. This seems to indicate that the Swedish automaker could potentially be testing the pickup truck waters. We know, it's a crazy idea, a Volvo truck. Building a semi-truck and a pickup truck are two very different undertakings.

Our spies say it looked as if the wheelbase of the XC90, which measures 117.5 inches, had been extended back eight to 10 inches. That would give it a similar wheelbase length of mid-size pickups such as the Nissan Frontier, Honda Ridgeline and the international market Ford Ranger. Further fuel for the pickup conspiracy fire comes from that odd platform. Why would Volvo want to test the payload capacity of an extended wheelbase XC90? Our spies did some digging and couldn't find evidence of an XC90 with a long wheelbase in development for the Chinese market. It's way too early to say whether or not Volvo is seeing how its top-tier SUV would fair with a bed. What we will say is that the idea isn't as crazy as it sounds.

You know the drill, mid-size pickups are selling like crazy in the US and everyone wants in on the action. From entry-level automakers like Hyundai to luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz, every automaker wants a slice of that sweet, sweet money pie. A Volvo truck in the US may be a hard sell, especially since we haven't been the most receptive market to luxury trucks. Trucks with luxury trims are welcome, but trucks made by luxury car companies (like Lincoln) are given the side eye. Mercedes knows this and has decided to not offer its upcoming X-Class pickup stateside. Should Volvo be developing a truck the Swedes could very well steal a page from the Germans.

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