Did You Know The Old Ford GT Had A $35,000 Hood And Focus Parts?

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Let Doug DeMuro explain why the old GT is still worth almost $400,000 today.

The new Ford GT has set the automotive world on fire, and with good reason. It's a gorgeous supercar that should have no problem lighting up a track. But the old Ford GT, the one from the mid-2000s, is no slouch either. In fact, the car has shot up in value recently with many examples being sold for $300,000-$400,000. So why is the first-gen GT worth so damn much? Allow writer, YouTuber and former Porsche exec Doug DeMuro to explain. First off, know that your money isn't exactly buying the easiest car to live with.

Getting in and out of the GT is a struggle, and once inside you may be disappointed by the design of the cabin, especially all the parts lifted from the Ford Focus (seriously). Of course once you turn the keys the paltry amount of air vents and the uncomfortable seats become afterthoughts. A rumbling 5.4-liter V8 tends to make such issues seem trivial.

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