Did You Know The Porsche Panamera Can Impersonate An S-Class?

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It's faster than a Ferrari 458 and offers everything an S-Class buyer wants. What more can we ask of it?

Books have quotes from prominent reviewers on their backs to rant and rave about why that should be our pick when rummaging through a store. If the Porsche Panamera had these kinds of endorsements, they would read, "faster than a Ferrari 458 around the Nurburgring!" "Seats four in complete comfort!" "A Mercedes S-Class that's built for speed!" That's because just like the last Panamera, it will take the automotive community a while to digest just what this car is capable of.

Especially when it finally looks and sounds like this. At one point, we highlighted the need for a four-door supercar to come out and show the world that automotive technology has hit a point where we no longer have to choose between comfort and speed.

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Now, it appears that Porsche has heard our demands. As a solid competitor to one of the more impressive sedans with supercar skills, the Panamera gets a dose of German engineering to help make it a tailored machine that is adjustable to any road conditions, driver, or need. While many of us have seen its impressive track abilities, its features and interior have been given secondary priority to performance. Here, the Panamera has a chance to open up and show us that it knows luxury too.

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