Die Hard 5 Wrecks $11M in Cars

And that’s just in one car chase.

As you’dexpect of a Bruce Willis action movie, there’s plenty of wanton destruction inthe latest installment of the Die Hard franchise. And most of that is of thefour-wheeled variety. According to John Moore, the director of A Good Day To Die Hard," one epic car chase in particular (involving Willis piloting a Mercedes G-Class) resulted in the destruction of 132cars and a further 518 requiring work. A quick calculation reveals that the awesomeaction sequence was priced at - carry the 2, divide by Pi... $11 million.

And that was without the generosity of Mercedes who supplied the production team with several different models gratis. Moore was told that he could keep any of the cars that didn’t get wrecked. Needless to say – as the footage courtesy of the carmaker proves – that didn’t happen.

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