Diehard Jeep Fans Imagine What The Next Wrangler Could Look Like

The devil is really in the details.

While the Mercedes G-Wagon soaks up all the love that it receives while being placed in the spotlight as the Cadillac Escalade’s replacement (you can thank the Kardashians and Sylvester Stallone for that endorsement), the Jeep Wrangler languishes in the background as another modern SUV styled after an ancient off-roader and war vehicle. However, its fans haven’t slacked even if Consumer Reports has rated it as one of the worst new cars. This cult status is what makes the Wrangler redesign a big deal.

To satisfy a craving that won’t be satiated until 2018 (although a a reveal at Detroit 2017 could happen), members of the Jeep Wrangler Forum decided to fire up their creative rendering artists and churn out a few copies of what the 2018 Wrangler could look like. With V6 models, diesels, aluminum body panels, and even a Hellcat-powered Wrangler rumored to take the stage, the SUV seems to be gearing up for an era of rapid change, but just like the G-Wagon, don’t expect much of that to be reflected in the design unless you count the pickup Wrangler. Using spy photography captured of the new Wrangler, JWF members constructed the new SUV to the best of their knowledge, filling in the gaps with a bit of imagination.

Despite the curved shape of the Renegade being a direct contrast to what the Wrangler’s boxy lines have followed, JWF members believe that the new SUV will steal some of its styling elements. These include the tail lamps styled like army jerrycans, a bulbous hood, and the unique MySky removable roof styling. Additional styling upgrades include lights that cut into the signature seven slat grille and a windshield that’s angled back to a more extreme degree, likely to improve wind resistance. All together, the changes don’t add up to a huge difference over the old Wrangler, which is good if Jeep wants to keep its fans happy. Given the recent surge in truck sales, it will be interesting to see how the Wrangler pickup fares in the market.

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