Digital License Plates Are Now Legal In California

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You can now get a digital license plate to go with your new whip - if you live in California, Michigan, or Arizona.

Earlier this year, California ran a pilot program for digital license plates. While the program was running, no more than 0.5% of registered vehicles were granted access.

On 5 October 2022, the Motor Vehicle Digital Number Plates bill (AB-984) was updated, officially granting everyone in the state permission to use a digital license plate. Digital license plates are now officially in California, Arizona, and Michigan. Texas currently allows digital plates for commercial fleets.

The only company currently offering this service is Reviver, and its product is the RPlate. During the pilot program, approximately 10,000 California drivers purchased an RPlate and subscribed to Reviver's services.

The RPlate is not just meant to be more aesthetically pleasing, even though it looks particularly good on the Lamborghini Huracan below. A subscription allows multiple useful features to be activated, like the customization of certain parts of the plate.


Reviver offers two device options. The RPlate battery-powered version is available to all consumers and retails for $19.95 per month. It's a self-installation model with a battery that must be replaced every five years.

For $24.95 per month, you can get a hard-wired RPlate, which is currently only available to commercial businesses. This model is professionally installed and has integrated telematics features and a backlit display.

Commercial fleet businesses in California can now access digital license plates via RFleet, which bundles the hard-wired RPlate along with the RFleet Software Dashboard.

You might want to take notice if you run a fleet in California. RFleet allows for automated vehicle registration and compliance, batch registration renewal, and a suite of telematics and safety features, including geo-fencing and mileage tracking.

Reviver Reviver Reviver

"Californians are known to be early adopters of emerging innovative technologies. We welcome new opportunities to automate and integrate as many parts of our lives as possible, enabling us to streamline mundane tasks and stay connected. Our cars are no exception," said Neville Boston, Reviver Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

"We'd like to thank Assembly member Lori. D. Wilson for spearheading this important bill, as well as our previous authors and many diverse partners for their help in reaching this exciting milestone. We are especially grateful to the California Black Chamber of Commerce, California New Car Dealers Association, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and the California Police Chiefs Association. Without their unwavering support, this wouldn't be possible."

"California is home to the rapidly growing technology of digital license plates," said Majority Leader Emeritus Hertzberg. "California has always been a place for innovation and opportunity, and AB 984 shows how we can use technology to improve compliance, offer convenience, and develop industry standards."


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