Dinan Announces 675-HP F10 M5 Package

Is it worth the $20K price tag?

If your F10 BMW M5 just doesn't have enough bang, American tuner Dinan has just announced a new package for the car, dubbed the "S1." For close to $20,000, Dinan will add a Dinantronics performance tuner, a stainless steel free-flow muffler and a Dinan carbon-fiber air intake, upping the Bimmer's performance and output from 560 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque to a mind-blowing 675 hp and 644 lb-ft, all without voiding warranty or risking long-term reliability.

Included in this price is a $3,511 suspension upgrade kit, consisting of negative camber front control arms, lightweight tubular anti-roll bars and an adjustable coil-over system. Also included are Dinan lightweight forged wheels ($6,450), with optional accessories like a carbon front fascia, carbon rear spoiler, and Dinan aluminum pedals.

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