Diplomats And VIPs Can Roll In Style With The New Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard


Armored cars are necessary for many important people, even though a vanilla Kia would be far less conspicuous.

Diplomats, VIPs and even celebrities like Charlie Sheen need protection from bad guys, especially if they travel often. Presidents like Obama and Putin are a target and the easiest place to attack is while they're in transit - hence the need for a Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman Guard. There's a new one though that offers the next level in VIP protection: the Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard.

The new limo is massive, measuring it at 21.5 ft in length and heavier than a pair of fat elephants at 10,200 lbs. To get that lump up and running it's fitted with a 530 hp / 612 lb-ft twin-turbo V12 engine. It doesn't have any performance figures to speak of, it only top outs at 100 mph, but you can't really get any diplomatic work done at high speed (you might accidentally order someone to push the red button and end life as we know it on the planet). Passengers have complete luxury. Plush leather everywhere, power assisted doors, hydraulically powered windows, 4-seats that face each other and all the electro gadgets to be able to run a country on the move.

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The protection level is in accordance with resistance class VR9 as well as blast protection to ERV 10 status. The body features special steel integrated between the cavities between the structure and outer skin and the windows are bulletproof and coated with polycarbonate for interior splinter protection. For the authorities, there are special options available like sirens,flashing lamps,two-way radios, an emergency starter battery and external communication system with a loudspeaker/microphone setup. This is the best way for the 1 percenters to roll and watch Netflix on an 18.5-inch, electronically extendable monitor.