Dirt Biker Gets Knocked on His Ass By a Ram


You never know what your going to face on the trail.

Ram Trucks are terrific for off-road use. If off-road, however, means taking a dirt bike up a dirt trail, the last thing you would expect to see is a ram, no not the truck, the real deal, the one with fur and horns. That's exactly what happened to this unsuspecting dirt biker. After a quick standoff the ram gave the biker a first hand look at why they name trucks and football teams after the them. The biker for some reason decided to wrestle with the animal instead of just moving on. For the Ram, it was likely just another day of head bashing.

We've got to give it to this little guy. Unlike the St. Louis Rams, this ram doesn't give up when his opponent starts to pull away with it.

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