Dirt Biker Hits 100-Foot Jump Right Onto The Hood Of A Jeep Wrangler

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This is one of the closest calls we've ever seen!

The last thing someone who just hit a 100-foot jump on a dirt bike wants to see is a car crowding their landing space. That's exactly what happened in this video, posted by YouTuber Desert Dirtbikes and shot in the Qatari desert. In it, rider Kal (no last name given) has just blasted his KTM 450 over a dune. What he doesn't know is that a convoy of Jeep Wranglers is slowly making its way through the landing space him and his fellow rider are aiming for. Kal narrowly escapes major injury and doesn't appear to have damaged his bike.

The Wrangler driver wasn't so lucky. Anyway, we won't spoil it anymore. You'll just have to watch the video to see how crazy a close call this was.

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Woah, that was nuts, right?! In super slow motion you can see Kal pull up at the last moment, a split-second reaction that saved his bike (and him) from a potential nosedive into the sand after contact with the Wrangler was made. The video description says the spotters at the top of the dune dropped the ball, so think twice before you start typing out comments bashing the Jeep drivers. No word on how the groups settled up regarding damage to the 4X4's hood. Perhaps the two spotters should split the cost of the repairs?

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