Discontinued: Toyota Yaris Is Dead In America

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Both sedan and hatchback variants have been discontinued.

The Toyota Yaris has been a part of the automaker's US lineup since 2006 but that will be coming to an end this month. According to a leaked memo originally from Toyota to "All Southeast Toyota Dealers and General Managers," the decision has been made to cease production of both the Yaris sedan and hatchback. In other words, the Toyota Yaris is finished in America.

"The Yaris sedan and Yaris Hatchback will not be available for model year 2021. Model year 2020 will be the last year for Yaris. June 2020 will be the last month of production for the Yaris sedan and Yaris Hatchback for the US," wrote Christine N. Henley, Toyota North America's Western Communications Manager.

We've reached out to Toyota seeking additional confirmation and will update this space accordingly.

UPDATE: A Toyota spokesperson has confirmed to CarBuzz "The Yaris sedan and Yaris Hatchback will not be available for model year 2021. Model year 2020 will be the last year for Yaris in the U.S."

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The current Yaris is actually a rebadged Mazda2 sedan and hatch, neither of which are sold in the US. It's important to remember the US market Yaris is not the same as the new European version, which not only rides on a different platform but will soon spawn a high-performance GR Yaris. Earlier this year, Toyota USA asked followers on Twitter whether they'd want the vehicle sold in the US. The response was an overwhelming "yes."

With this in mind, selling two different Yaris generations makes no sense, especially since the current US market Yaris dates back to 2014. Toyota's now-defunct Scion brand originally launched the Mazda2-based Yaris back in 2015 and was called the iA. Toyota absorbed both the iA sedan and hatchback into its lineup when Scion shut down the following year.

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Since then, the US market Yaris has been on borrowed time. Sales haven't been great. Last year, a total of 21,916 examples were sold. To compare, 304,850 units of the Toyota Corolla left dealership lots in 2019. However, both Yaris body styles were very affordable, starting at $15,650 and $17,750 for the sedan and hatchback, respectively. The Corolla sedan and hatchback, meanwhile, begin at $19,600 and $20,290.

So now we're just waiting for the arrival of the GR Yaris hot hatchback. Something tells us it'll have much greater appeal.

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