Disney-Wrapped Hyundai Veloster is Kid-Friendly and RallyCross Approved

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Disney has a new TV show and the Global RallyCross Championship has a new season. Enter the XD-wrapped Veloster from Hyundai.

Rhys Millen Racing is heading into the 2012 Global RallyCross Championship season with a specially-wrapped Hyundai Veloster. Disney has a new racing-themed TV series called Motorcity (the Cars franchise made bank, why not capitalize?) and the company feels the best way to promote the new endeavor is in the highly-commercialized racing series geared towards a younger demographic. The number 12 Hyundai Veloster will feature French driver Stephan Verdier as he attempts to build on last year's finish of 4th place in total points.

He will face stiff competition in the form of such racing stars like Tanner Foust, Ken Block and Travis Pastrana. Want to divert your kid's attention to the TV for a half-hour so you can hit the garage and work on your truck? Here's Disney's promo: "Disney XD is set to premiere "Motorcity," a turbo-charged animated series set in a futuristic Detroit, controlled by an evil billionaire who bans personal freedoms including automobiles. Now it's up to The Burners, a group of rebels led by 17-year-old Mike Chilton, to customize their fleet of cool hot rods and set out to stop Kane from taking over their last oasis of freedom, a subterranean refuge dubbed Motorcity."

Seriously, anything that keeps kids from watching "16 and Pregnant" or "Jersey Shore" is a welcome sight by this point. Check out Rhys Millen Racing's #12 Hyundai Veloster in the 2012 Global RallyCross Championships and look out for Motorcity, which premieres Monday, April 30th.

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