Dissecting The Alpina B7 Reveals 600-HP Supercar And Maybach Beater

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It's like a 7 Series got the Maybach treatment before being sent to the M Division for tuning.

At the end of every good video game, there is the ultimate boss fight that's supposed to test the player and see if they're really worthy of moving onto the next level. Usually the boss is big, powerful, skillful, and not willing to give up under anything less than a full-on assault. If BMW were to pick a boss to lead its army of luxury and sports cars, it would easily be the Alpina B7. Spawning from the range-topping 7 Series and gaining an added dose of evil through Alpina, there is really no other equal within the ranks bearing a blue and white roundel.

Now, Alpina wants to show off its newest interpretation of what it thinks a road going luxury barge should be, so it's left the Internet with a handful of videos to tell the tale of its newest boss. The Alpina B7 has always been the result of what would happen if BMW had its own version of Maybach. The exterior is upgraded to make the 7 Series stand out from the rest of the luxury car crowd, a feat that it accomplishes with ease. After getting the premiere luxury treatment with large 21-inch wheels, Alpina adds some spoilers at the front and rear of the vehicle to reduce uplift and feed the high performance cooling system. The result is a stylish and domineering presence on the road.

In the first teaser video, a grey haired man models the B7 by driving it down some twisty canyon roads as a deep voiced narrator explains the details.

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Still, looks are only skin deep. To complete the transition, Alpina takes the Maybachified 7 Series and goes for a trip to the M Division. A bit of tinkering unleashes 600 horsepower out of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. The resulting power goes to all four wheels, sending the massive sedan towards the horizon like a bat out of hell. Only 3.6 seconds is needed to hit 60 mph, meaning that the B7 will smoke almost any muscle car or German hot rod at the stoplight. Only when its 193 mph top speed is reached (enough to fly past most of the M Division's cars on the Autobahn) will the acceleration relent. Thanks to the turbochargers, the engine can access all of its 590 lb-ft of torque throughout most of the rev range.

You can hear all about Alpina's quest to outdo BMW's M Division here.


When punctuality isn't as pressing, drivers and passengers alike can enjoy the comfortable features added to the 7 Series, which include custom stitching, exclusive subtle Alpina inserts, and Touch Sense Ambient Lighting. BMW already did a good job with the interior of the 7 Series, but Alpina one-ups it with its own take on what comfort should be. The result is a Bentley-battering array of Nappa leather, crafted metal, and wooden inserts, and a custom steering wheel, making the B7 a perfect alternative to a Rolls-Royce, Bentley, or Mercedes Maybach for those who need a bit more subtlety. With a starting price of $137,995, Alpina makes a compelling case against BMW's top tier competitors.

Same grey-haired man, same car, this time covering the splendid interior where lucky buyers will reside.

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