Dissecting The Koenigsegg Regera Gives An Idea Of How Epic It Truly Is

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Get under the skin of one of the most anticipated cars of our time.

Andy Warhol once said that art is what you can get away with, which makes perfect sense coming from a man who once drew 32 cans of Campbell's soup onto a canvas and sold it for $11 million dollars. As it turns out, that same concept may also carry over to the automobile. With classic cars increasingly being seen as pieces of art rather than functioning relics, the typical collector is being funneled into a smaller group consisting of the few that can afford rare cars.

For them, guys like Christian von Koenigsegg is more than happy to scratch the itch for fast, rare, and extremely expensive toys.

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His latest piece of art is the Regera, an impressive 1,500 horsepower collection of carbon fiber, turbochargers, and technology from another realm. Unlike more established automakers, Koenigsegg still builds things by hand and doesn't have a reputation for reliability or ease of use that a Toyota has. The hypercar manufacturer also fails to make any commercials to inform the public about its cars. As a result, its number one spokesperson, the founder himself, must take up the attention span of auto journalists and the fans they report to so that the word can spread. Here, Koenigsegg does just that.

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