Dissing The Stang is Dissing Merica

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Then again, the Mustang V6 drives like the Ford Windstar minivan.

The Ford Mustang will always be the American sports car for everyone, no matter what your income. Sure, the Chevy Corvette is one of the best bang for your buck high-performance cars ever, but the Mustang has come to represent something more, well, common. You see them everywhere, whether it's a classic 60s or 70s 'Stang, Fox body, or current gen.

It's just the car that symbolizes America and Americans' taste in sports cars. And the borderline psychotic lunatic American who we've come to know and appreciate from Regular Car Reviews has now released his take on the 2013 Mustang V6. Its engine may not be stellar, but the car as a whole is sheer greatness.

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