Dita Von Teese and Her Vintage Cars


Pinup model has a couple of stylish classics that she rides like a pro.

Actress and burlesque model Dita Von Teese is better known for her shapely curves and sultry live performances than her passion for vintage cars, but as this video shows this is a women with an acquired taste (and less than average IQ). As she shows off her 1939 Packard 128 and '46 Ford Super Deluxe cruising through the Hollywood Hills, Miss Von Teese comments how she "likes cars that were driven on the road," and that "a big selling point [of the Packard] was the hood ornament with the beautiful glass."

It seems the wily Von Teese, married to goth star Marilyn Manson, is also an astute investor, claiming "vintage cars aren't like a new car". Even after driving her cars for up to 15 years she has made money after selling them; a stunning achievement.

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There's no doubt she looks great in these classic cars, with both the drive and driver having distinctive aesthetics, but frankly we'd rather see her half naked in a giant cocktail glass filled with milk.