Divine Intervention Solves Italian U-Turn Fiasco

Driver's failed attempt at a U-turn creates scene involving squadron of bikers and church procession you couldn't make up.

The story begins with a stubborn Italian motorist attempting a near-impossible U-turn on a narrow street in Naples. Piloting the most quintessential of Italian city cars, the driver wedges his Fiat 500 between parked cars on either side of the street, blocking traffic in both directions. Onlookers are then treated to a show you simply couldn't make up. The surreal events that unfold include a gang of bikers turning up followed by a religious precision and members of the civil defense service donned in their customary yellow jackets.

After advice is dished out from all corners complete with flailing arms and typical Italian gusto, it takes a divine hand to resolve the conflict; the motorist finally driving away to ironic cheers of "Bravo!"

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