DMC Aventador Caught in the Wild

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One of the meanest looking Bulls we've ever seen.

When German tuner unveiled its Edizione GT body kit for the Aventador, we thought its $288,000 price tag would be a permanent hindrance from seeing one on the road. Clearly we were wrong as these images of what is one of the most extreme aftermarket Raging Bulls ever to be unleashed have emerged from Beijing, China. Arguably the German tuner's most outrageous aftermarket package to date, the aggressive body kit for the Italian supercar was developed to meet FIA regulations without sacrificing the Lambo's street-legal status.

The kit includes a carbon-fiber giant rear diffuser and massive rear wing with three manually-adjustable angles. It also boasts a centrally-positioned quad exhaust, carbon front-lip spoiler, multi-spoke black alloys, and a two-tone red and black leather interior. In addition to the cosmetic upgrades, DMC has reworked the Aventador's 6.5-liter V12, installing a twin-turbo modification, a remapped ECU, individual throttle plates for each cylinder, new fuel lines, fuel pumps and injection nozzles. There's no definitive mention of the new output, but it's LP988 designation suggests the 12-cylinder unit now delivers 988 horsepower.

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