DMC Fuego Revealed As First Aftermarket Body Kit For Ferrari Purosangue

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Thanks to a titanium exhaust, it's also louder.

DMC has developed a new design kit for Ferrari's new family crossover, the Purosangue. According to DMC, it wanted to give its clients the ability to add more to the go-faster wagon-crossover-not-an-SUV-thing. DMC admits that it's an agile car but that it "lacks a bit of spice." We're not entirely sure we agree with that statement since the Purosangue is definitely spicy but also hasn't been driven by anyone outside of Ferrari.

On the outside, the DMC kit adds several carbon fiber bits and pieces, some of which aren't even available from Ferrari yet. The additions include new front fenders, wheel arch louvers, and broader side skirts. The front lip, rear diffuser, and hood design have not been modified but replaced with exact replicas made from carbon fiber.


DMC says the real eye-catcher is the two-rear-wing combination. There's a small lip spoiler under the rear windscreen and a more ostentatious roof spoiler. Both are TUV certified, which means they've been built to the highest standards, as it should be with anything Ferrari-related.

The carbon fiber bits are available in matte or high gloss and are entirely functional, at least according to DMC. The German tuning company claims the Purosangue is lighter with all of these bits added, though it failed to provide a figure.

The Purosangue's dry weight is claimed to be 4,482 pounds. Something tells us the average owner will not notice a 100 lbs difference.


Two DMC additions will improve the driving experience, however. You can opt for a valve-controlled titanium sports exhaust. The naturally aspirated V12 engine will remain docile enough in the 'burbs to not disturb the neighbors. At the press of a button, the valves will open, and the driver will get to experience the full fury of the V12 engine.

A set of lightweight 24-inch forged wheels is also available. As always, DMC offers its wheels in various surface finishes. This is quite a departure from the standard car, which has staggered alloy wheels.

The kit is perfect for those who want to stand out and not run into another Purosangue, even though Ferrari is taking care of that. Since this car was introduced, Ferrari clearly said it's not a volume model and will never account for more than 20% of sales.

Ferrari is so invested in keeping the Purosangue exclusive that it recently stopped taking orders.
At present, the images are just renders, and while DMC has worked on several real Ferraris before, we're not sure many Purosangue owners will want this level of modification.


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