DMC Reveals Ferrari 458 Estremo Edizione 10/10

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This is the first of 15 that will be built worldwide.

German tuner DMC is no stranger to the Ferrari 458 and after its Milano and Elegante aftermarket programs has now introduced the Estremo edition. Limited to 15 units, the Ferrari 458 Estremo (Italian for 'Extreme') comes with a new front fascia, new side-vented front hood, redeveloped side panels, completely new rear fascia and massive wing spolier – all forged from carbon fiber, shedding up to 80 kg off the curb weight.

The model pictured here was built for a client in Tokyo, who will doubtless appreciate the power boost just as much as the aerodynamic enhancements. By optimizing the ECU and fitting a refined air filter and new exhaust system, output was upped by 22 hp to 592 hp. The drop in weight and boost in performance results in a two-tenths shaved off the 0-62 mph time, which drops to 3.1 seconds, and a new top speed of 207 mph, up from 203 mph. Chassis mods have also been made, including a 30 mm lowered suspension with remote controlled lift system and forged alloys staggered 20/21 inches front/rear, while a unique interior is upholstered in stingray leather and carbon fiber.

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