DMC Reveals its Ferrari F12 SPIA Middle East Edition

The German tuning outfit has given the Ferrari F12 some added power and performance along with a new body kit.

We outright love the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and we’ve failed to find any faults with it. Yet we’re often times a bit skeptical when an aftermarket tuner comes out with a body or performance kit for it simply because we think Ferrari did it right the first time around. But now DMC has just released these images and a few details of its Ferrari F12 SPIA Middle East Edition. And yes, like the name clearly says, it’s for the Middle East market. Even so, the Italian supercar still looks fantastic.

The German tuner started things off with a carbon fiber wide body kit that features a new lip splitter, hood and roof scoops, wider side skirts and a new rear spoiler and diffuser.We particularly dig that matte black strip painted across the middle. The exterior updates are completed with a set of 21" alloys up front and 22" out back that are wrapped in Pirelli Sport tires. Performance wise, DMC added a titanium exhaust and remapped the 6.3-liter V12’s ECU. Output has been increased from 740 horsepower to 766 hp. As a direct result, top speed is up from 211 mph to 220 mph. Official package pricing has not yet been revealed.

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