Do Any Of These Twitter Users Have A Shot At Winning Free 'The Grand Tour' Tickets?

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We think the guy with the Pontiac Aztek may be a contender.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are going to be making Johannesburg, South Africa, the first stop on "The Grand Tour," the trio's new Amazon show. Chances are you already knew that, and you likely already knew that Amazon is holding a contest to give three lucky winners the chance to be in the audience for that first show. To enter all one had to do is post a picture or a short video on Twitter of an unusual place to pitch a tent using the hashtag "TheGrandTourJoBurg.

Since the contest is just about over (entry ends at midnight, June 8 BST) we decided to round up five of what we consider the best photos submitted. Note that we favored entries that were odd or involved cars. This is Clarkson, Hammond and May we're talking about after all. Also, videos were hard to include since many we're not uploaded to YouTube. First up is this picture of a tent pitched a top a car from Twitter user @werner_jones. The man who submitted it says that this tent was pitched during a road trip from Germany to India in 1972. If true, that's one hell of a grand tour.

Many photos submitted to the contest didn't feature cars at all. A lot were of legitimate campgrounds from around the world, some much more incredible than others obviously. This is not one of those photos, though. It features a ridiculously large pink elephant statue, something no other entry offered (as of yet). We feel like this statue is something Hammond would get a kick out of and May would absolutely hate. Depending on how he's feeling Clarkson could probably go either way.

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The entire purpose of @VWsightings is to retweets photos of Volkswagens, so we're betting that this shot isn't the account's own. It's a damn shame because it's a really cool photo, although we're not too sure how comfortable it'd be to sleep on the roof of an old Volkswagen Beetle. Then again we've never tried such a thing. Maybe the guys will give it a go in an episode of "The Grand Tour," if the trio ever stops in Germany that is.

Many people who didn't have a tent got creative with their "TheGrandTourJoBurg" entries. Some tweeted photos of famous campsites from history and others used their computers to make magic. This man did the latter, photoshopping a tent, a Reliant Robin and a person (perhaps himself?) onto an iconic picture of Jezza. It probably won't win but damn it all, this guy deserves recognition for his silliness and creativity.

It's not the most exotic location in the world but we're truly glad that someone thought to use the Pontiac Aztek for this contest. Upon its launch, one of the ill-fated SUV's selling points was its optional tent that popped out the back like a sort of growth. None of the folks over at Pontiac could have ever imagined that they designed the perfect vehicle to enter into an online camping-based contest. We'd be a bit shocked if this photo doesn't at least make the top ten. Sure, the setting is awful but there's a campfire, a rocking chair and a flipping Aztek here!

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