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DO NOT Watch The Superbowl To Win A New Volvo

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What a great way to get eyes on an advertisement... literally.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz came up with a very unique twist on the classic 'Hands on a Hard Body' competition, where whoever kept their finger on a digital version of a C43 AMG the longest won the real thing. Oh, and did we mention the competition took place during the Superbowl, so you wouldn't be able to watch the big game if you wanted to win?

Unfortunately, the competition faced multiple technical difficulties and Mercedes was forced to revert back to an old fashioned sweepstake. This year, Volvo thinks it has a better idea to get eyes on the new S60 sedan.

Instead of keeping a finger on the screen, Volvo's game will detect when a player looks away from the screen. The three players who can keep their eyes on the car the longest will win a Volvo S60 courtesy of the company's Care by Volvo subscription service. Anyone who wants to enter the competition simply needs to use their mobile device to visit www.S60LongestDrive.com on Sunday, February 3 after 6:00 PM EST. By the looks of it, the game will display a virtual test drive of the S60, which will end whenever a person takes their eyes off the screen.

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If you don't care about watching the game or any of the hilarious commercials, this may be a great opportunity for you to win a free car. Of course, you won't get to keep the car forever because Care by Volvo is similar to a 24-month lease with the option to switch out cars after 12 months. Subscription services are a bit different because they also include insurance and maintenance costs in the monthly fee.

Volvo didn't specify which S60 you would win but even the base T5 Momentum model costs $35,800 and is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine producing 250 horsepower. Care by Volvo also offers the 400 hp Polestar S60, though those sold out less than an hour after being made available.