Do Porsche Drivers Choose The Douchiest License Plates?

Some of these are bold, others are ballsy. All are a bit douchey.

Vanity plates are a great way to show how clever you are while simultaneously outsmarting local government officials. They are also a great way to show the world how big of an ass you are. Now douchebaggery is in the eye of the beholder, which means that some of you may not even blink when looking at these custom plates. That being said, plates like “DRUNK” and “CNTFACE” are bound to raise a few eyebrows across the board. How those two made it past the DMV we will never know.

So, just what got a Porsche plate on this list? Being blatantly offensive, baiting cops into writing tickets and a general acknowledgement of driver douchiness all did the trick. Check out these plates and let us know what you think. Porsche owners, rest assured that we’re just having fun by highlighting the worst of your ownership club. We’ll be sure to skewer another group of enthusiasts sooner than later.

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