Do These Rich Kids In China Really Deserve Jail Time?

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Speed and youth are a dangerous combination.

In China there is a subculture of wealthy elite kids who spend their nights racing in ridiculous supercars. It doesn't take too much thought to comprehend how this combination of youth and serious speed can be a dangerous cocktail. Every so often reports emerge from China of a supercar getting wrecked, and more often than not the driver behind the wheel is below the age of 25. A recent example of one of these youth-fueled supercar accidents in China occurred in April.

The incident involved a trio of unemployed 20-year olds, one in a red Ferrari 458 Spider, another in a bright green Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and a third in a white Nissan GT-R. The result of this race, which occurred in a Beijing tunnel, was nearly deadly and the Ferrari and Lamborghini were probably completely written off. Now, if the kids behind the wheel of these supercars thought that this might be the end of the story, they were wrong. In spite of their elite connections the drivers in the Lamborghini and Ferrari have been slammed with jail time and fines for dangerous driving. One driver received a jail sentence of four months and the other received five months.

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