Do These Strasse Wheels Make The GT-R Finally Pop?

It's never been the prettiest supercar.

The R35 NissanGT-R is getting a little long in the tooth, but there's no denying its supercar performance. Nissan's flagship model has never had the same jaw-dropping looks as other supercars, but Strasse Wheels has changed that. Strasse Wheels fittedGodzilla with an incredible set of brushed aluminum wheels that make the supercarsexier then ever. This specificGT-R is fitted with the SV5 Deep Concave Monoblock rims that feature a brushedaluminum finish with highly polished barrels.

The Japanesesupercar is finished in a Deep Blue Pearl, which is a rare color for the beastand complements the rims well. At thefront, the rims measure 20x10 and 20x12 at the rear. To accompany the brushed aluminum finish, the GT-R’sdoor handles, side air vents and exhaust tips have all been given the samealuminum appearance. The GT-R has never been the prettiest supercar on theroad, but these Strasse Wheels give the vehicle a provocative look.

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