Do These Wheels Look Perfect On The Rolls-Royce Ghost?

Or is it just us?

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is an absolutely stunning ultra-luxury vehicle as it comes from the factory and definitely doesn’t require any aftermarket modifications to make it any more imposing. Attempting to improve the aesthetic perfection of a Rolls is a risky endeavor that could potentially have the reverse effect and actually cheapen the vehicle's look. A perfect example of the potentially damaging effect of customizing a Rolls can be seen on a "pimped out" purple velvet Phantom Drophead that was recently spotted in London.

Yeah, the car looks cool and is definitely a novelty, but ultimately it's a tacky modification. That being said, every so often someone customizes a Rolls in the right way, and we think that this Ghost that sports granite black 24-inch ADV1 SL-series monoblock wheels really hit the nail on the head. What do you think?

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