Do This Huracan's New Shoes Make The Perfect Supercar Outfit?

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Gloss black Lambo gets a new look from HRE.

By now, so much has been said about the Lamborghini Huracan. And while some Lamborghini purists think that this supercar is a bit too vanilla for its maker, few can argue that it is a stunning car to look at from just about every angle. But what say you to this gloss black version, complete with a red and black interior and red and silver stripes on the exterior? With its newest rendition of this beauty complete, HG Motorsport took the Huracan out to the desert to show off its final additions.

To complement the car's unique paint job, a stunning pair of wheels has been added: the Lamborghini was fitted with a set of classic 305M HRE wheels. With five spokes and a bronze finish, the classic design offers a perfect contrast to the Huracan's modernist supercar lines. HRE calls it "A bull in the desert." But would you add this configuration to your supercar dream-list?

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