Do You Hate Dealerships? Mitsubishi Just Made Car Buying Easier

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You can now buy a Mitsubishi online.

Buying a car can be a painful process for a lot of people. In most cases, it requires visiting a dealership, where sales people will play all sorts of games just to get a sale. Some people have actually become fearful of walking into a dealership, which is why companies like Amazon are trying to move the process online. Mitsubishi may not be in the good graces of enthusiasts at the moment, but the Japanese automaker has just launched an industry-leading online car dealership that will benefit a ton of car buyers.

We'll get the bad news out of the way first, this is not available outside of the UK. The US has complicated laws that favor dealerships at the state level, so a system like this may not be possible here. For UK buyers, Mitsubishi has just made it a whole lot easier to buy a new car.

The website allows customers to choose how they will buy the car. Options include hire purchase, personal contract purchase (PCP), or an outright purchase, which are all typical methods for buying a car in the UK. The site then lets customers plug in their desired monthly payment, annual mileage and repayment period. The website then filters cars that are in the customer's price range and allows them to configure the vehicle within budget. There is even a part-exchange feature that will allow customers to trade in their old Mitsubishi. Customers can then take delivery of their new car at the dealership, or have it delivered to them.

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Even though this new system may have a few flaws, we think that Mitsubishi will be able to iron out most of the bumps. This is a completely new sales model after all. We think that there would be people lining up (metaphorically) to use this service in the US. People would no longer have to deal with salespeople to buy a car, and that would be a huge accomplishment for Mitsubishi.

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