Do You Have Life Insurance? You'll Want It After Seeing What Happened Here

It's not pretty.

Any type of motorsport can be dangerous, but rally racing is something else. It’s not only insanely dangerous for drivers but also for bystanders who love to stand way too close to the course. Anything can go wrong at any time, and drivers and bystanders must accept the risks beforehand. Are you willing to? If so, you may think twice after checking out this nasty crash at the Rally Ronde. A Citroen C2 piloted by Yoan Droumenq and Gabriel Durand lost control on what looked like a fairly easy part of the course.

It all happened so fast, and by the time it was over the car had flipped and slammed into a tree. Shockingly, no bystanders were hurt and the driver and co-driver walked away unharmed. Everyone in this video is damn lucky to be alive.

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