Do You Know The Only Brand That Offers A Manual On All Of Its Cars?

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It deserves a proper shout out.

We often find ourselves reading about how the manual transmission is on its way out. That may be true, but it's not happening this instant, or even within the next few years. If it does happen, it'll likely be a gradual discontinuation. Oh wait, that's exactly what's been happening. While there are still many automakers, from Audis to Jeeps, that offer manuals on a few models, there's only one mainstream brand remaining that lets you row your own gears on every single one of its cars. All of them. Can you figure out which one? Keep thinking. Ready for it?

Mini. That's right. The originally British carmaker bought by ze Germans (BMW) that now has a proliferated lineup, ranging from the original hardtop, the entire JCW line, to the Countryman and its two-door, we still don't get why it's necessary, Paceman counterpart. All offer manuals. Automatics cost extra. And for that alone, Mini deserves a hat tip and a Top Gun high-five from us all.


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