Do You Prefer The Ferrari 488 GTB As A Coupe Or Spider?

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Heck, just take both.

Last week was a big week. Ferrari only revealed a brand-new model, something that doesn't happen very often. Every two to three years to be exact. And 2015 is the year of the Ferrari 488 GTB, the successor to the beloved 458 Italia. Overall reaction so far to Ferrari's newest mid-engined (and now twin-turbocharged) V8 supercar has been overwhelmingly positive. We'll have our first look at it in the flesh next month at Geneva but until then speculation is already building about the inevitable spider variant.

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Like the 458, we don't expect all that much to change other than the roof. As these latest renderings from Theophilus Chin show, the eventual 488 Spider will very likely again feature a hardtop that'll fold neatly into the decklid. If the production version looks anything like this, and it probably will, then choosing between either the coupe or spider won't be easy. If the budget allows it, take both. Just our advice. What would be your choice?

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