Do You Think A $10K 996 Porsche 911 Is Worth $10K?


Um, any old 911 under $10k is a good buy. Even the 996.

There's no shortage of old Porsche 911s for sale. Really, it's a buyers' market in terms of sheer choice. Price? Well, that's a different story. Any 911 fan will tell you just how much the older, classic-bodied cars have been increasing in value lately. Even the oldest, most rusted-out ones are being sold for surprisingly large amounts due to the abundance of 911 parts out there; they're prime restoration targets. But what about the controversial 996, the very first water-cooled 911 which also debuted a new body for the first time ever?

One guy bought his 996 for just under $10,000 and considering it's 12 years old and has 155,000 miles on the clock, it's in astonishingly good condition. Matt Farah takes it for a spin for what he believes is a kick ass, amazing deal. What do you think?


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