Do You Think A Jeep Pickup Truck Should Look Like This?

Or should it be Wrangler-based?

Just the other week we reported that Jeep CEO Mike Manley is a huge fan of Jeep pickup trucks. Unfortunately, a new pickup isn’t so much a priority at this time because demand for Jeep SUVs is very high. But a new Jeep truck isn’t totally out of the question. Looking ahead a few years, Jeep could very well give the green light, but what we’re wondering is this: what would it be based on? The next-generation Wrangler? The platform that also underpins the Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango?

Both are entirely possible, or something else we haven’t considered. But for today rendering artist Theophilus Chin has come up with something that seems more Grand Cherokee than Wrangler-like. Compare it to the old Jeep Gladiator concept from a few years ago. Which do you prefer? Which direction should Jeep take?

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