Do You Think Chevy Will Really Build A Mid-Engine C8 Corvette?

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And would you buy it?

The mid-engine Corvette rumors date back decades, and yet a production version has never come to fruition. Yet. As many of you will recall, a few months ago some credible rumors were claiming that a mid-engine Corvette was truly going to happen this time. Well, more specifically, sometime around 2018 when Chevrolet would launch the "Zora", essentially the first of the upcoming C8 lineup. The Zora has been said to be a replacement of sorts to the C6 ZR1.

The rest of the mid-engine C8 lineup would go on sale in or around 2020-21, thus allowing the C7 to be phased out gradually. It sounds like a realistic plan, but GM, of course, is saying nothing. We know something mid-engined is being developed based on a few other reports, but that car could also be a new Cadillac performance flagship instead. Honestly, nobody knows just yet, but in the meantime, a new C8 rendering has appeared online. Our friends at Corvette Blogger first uncovered the image ahead, and we have no doubt it'll spark some controversy. What are your thoughts? Would you be satisfied with a mid-engine C8? Image courtesy of BuzzArt.

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