Do You Think Mercedes-AMG Should Build Its Own Super Sedan?

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It may not be all that far-fetched.

We reported a few days ago that Mercedes-AMG is gunning after BMW M more aggressively than ever. Even Porsche is in its sights, as evidenced by the new AMG GT. But why stop there? Why not continue to build more AMG-unique models separate from the rest of Mercedes-Benz? In other words, how about a four-door sedan version of the AMG GT? Sound a little far-fetched? Kind of, but adding two doors to that gorgeous new coupe is out of the question. What's not is for AMG to have a stand-alone sedan based on something else.

Speaking to at New York last week, Mercedes-AMG president Tobias Moers outright dismissed rumors of an AMG GT sedan. The reason is that the GT's aluminum space-frame platform wasn't designed for anything with an extra pair of doors. However, Moers did state that "We could have a stand-alone four-door sports car that isn't shared with Mercedes-Benz. We could. Is there a business case, yes or no. That is all the four-door GT has to answer. Is there a potential buyer group worldwide from that kind of car?" If so, there's nothing stopping AMG on this one.

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