Do You Think The McLaren P1 Is Awesome? Just Wait

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Can we put a deposit down for the P1 successor yet?

Known for years in Formula 1, McLaren is now officially a major player in the supercar world. It has followed through on its pledge so far to introduce a new model or variant every year, and this trend isn't going to stop anytime soon. According to an official statement from McLaren, the next model we'll see is the 570S Spider. The press release states that this "second body-style will be introduced in 2016 followed by another one in 2017, by which time the Sports Series is forecast to more than double the production around 4,000 units per annum."

Speaking to Auto Express regarding future hybrid tech, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt stated that "I have said in 10 years I expect half of our cars to be hybrids, but I actually think it will be faster. And I think it could be more than half...our strategy is to use technology to produce the best driving cars." In other words, expect the P1's eventual successor to be a hybrid, as well. All told for 2014, McLaren sales increased by 18 percent over 2013, and this growth is very much expected to continue.

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