Do You Think This Is Really The Best Way To Save Lotus?

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Yep, it's apparently come to this.

Over the years Lotus has had its fair share of ups and downs. Back in 2010 it seemed as if Lotus was about to have a rebirth with the introduction of five all-new concepts, including a new Esprit. None of that happened. Instead, the UK carmaker's CEO was fired and that five-car lineup was canned. Fortunately, Lotus seemingly has its act together again with a new CEO and game plan. We previously reported on the distinct possibility that an SUV/crossover would be in the brand's future.

Speaking to TopGear, CEO Jean-Marc Gales confirmed an SUV is on its way and also that it'll be built in China. For real. What's more, Gales also believes that this SUV will actually improve the brand's regular sports cars. "If Colin Chapman was alive I believe he would have done one," Gales stated. "It will be the size of a Porsche Macan but only 3,527 lbs (1600 kg), and will be the most agile and fastest of that class on a track. Lamborghini is doing a SUV like that in their segment, we can do it in our segment." Supposedly there's a completed prototype with a front-end somewhat resembling the 1973 four-seat Elite (pictured here). This unnamed SUV will also be powered by the familiar supercharged four-cylinder engine. Expect a Chinese launch in 2019 or 2020.

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