Dodge Announces Rebel Ram Pricing: Should The Ford Raptor Be Worried?

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File this one under "shots fired."

A short time back we talked about prospective pricing for the Ram Rebel, saying the base model would come in at $44,720 and the top-end would go for around $51,000. We were just about on the money as Fiat Chrysler just officially confirmed pricing for the new truck. The low-end Ram Rebel will go for $43,985, and that includes a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 under the hood good for 395 horsepower. There are two more trims available, both of which have four-wheel drive as opposed to the base model's 4x2 setup.

A Pentastar V6 is found in the mid-level trim, which features four-wheel drive and goes for $45,915. If you want a Rebel packing a HEMI V8 and 4x4 then you're looking at spending $47,565. That's right around the $46,000 you'd spend for a base Ford Raptor with no options. Dodge has said all along that the Rebel wasn't created to compete with the Raptor, but its pricing strategy seems to suggest otherwise.

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