Dodge Avenger Will be Sacrificed for the Dart


Not that anyone really loves the Avenger anyway.

The Dodge Avenger, despite a major life-saving facelift a couple years back, is not exactly the most competitive car these days. It actually dates back to the old Stratus ("I drive a Dodge Stratus!"). That's not meant to be a compliment. And now that the new Chrysler 200 has been unveiled at this year's Detroit Auto Show and with no direct Dodge counterpart/cousin planned, the Avenger's future isn't looking too bright. Perhaps it's for the best.


And now The Truth About Cars is claiming that Dodge will kill off the Avenger fairly soon not only because it's out of date (despite offering that new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6), but mainly because it's posing a direct threat to Dart sales. Avenger sales and production aren't expected to continue after this year, and no direct replacement is planned. Although the Dart doesn't offer a V6 option, it's still close enough size wise to attract potential Avenger buyers and current owners looking to replace their cars. If those customers don't like the Dart for any reason, there's always the new Chrysler 200 which happens to have that V6 as an option. So here's to an early goodbye to the Avenger. It won't be all that missed.

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