Dodge Celebrated The Launch Of The Durango SRT With A Huge Burnout

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Yup, this is about what we expected from Dodge.

Dodge is very, very excited about the new Durango SRT. The automaker has every reason to be. It looks incredibly badass and should be an absolute joy to drive out on the highway and drag strip. It may even be fun to throw around the track for a lap or two. To celebrate the debut of its newest model the folks at Dodge decided to do a massive burnout in the Durango SRT. Normally you don't see three-row SUVs shredding tires and blowing smoke like a vaping Subaru driver.

Fortunately for the world, Dodge isn't trying to be a normal car company. Sure, other automakers make super powerful SUVs but Dodge is the only one doing it in the muscle car tradition (a ton of power at a relatively affordable price point).

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Watching this Durango blow smoke reminds us of when we tested the Mustang's Line Lock feature. Perhaps Dodge will decide to add something like that to the SRT version of its flagship SUV, just for the hell of it. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to pack all the kids in the car and then smoke the tires before heading out to soccer practice?

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