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Dodge Challenger Hellcat Thief Evades Texas Police With 707-HP Lead Foot

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From day one it was certain that one of FCA’s bad boys would be involved in illegal activities.

Somewhere in the book of unwritten rules of the road is a stipulation that says any and all Dodge Challengers should be for those bad enough to drive them. Aggressive looks, a name that incites competitive sentiments, and an angry engine that sends power to tires designed to be overwhelmed all contribute to that, but it's the Challenger's Dukes of Hazard outlaw vibe that makes police chases a bucket list item for any of these FCA bad boys. That's exactly what went down on this typically calm Texas highway.

Maybe it's because the owner of this Challenger wasn't giving their hot rod enough punishment or maybe the markups for used Hellcats are still too high, but for one reason or another, 25 year-old Mohmed Ahmed Abu-Shlieba decided to steal a white Challenger Hellcat near Houston, Texas.

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Once the police found out, they initiated a pursuit and quickly found that their cruisers are no match for a 707 horsepower supercharged Hemi V8. Amazingly, Abu-Shlieba manages to evade police without losing control of the feisty muscle car even while traveling and mind-bending rates of speed. He puts himself and the entire road in danger—weaving in and out of traffic—either for thrills or because he thought he could get away with it. As the Challenger pulls away from officers, police had to rely on a helicopter and a clever owner who installed a GPS tracker onto the Hellcat in order to catch the thief. The only way the police managed to catch this guy was because the Challenger, being a true muscle car, runs out of gas.