Dodge Challenger Hellcat Transformed Into A Luxury Car

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Vilner has outdone itself here.

American muscle cars offer buyers tremendous levels of performance at a lower cost than most European and Japanese sports cars but their Achilles heel has always been on the interior. Modern muscle cars have come a long way on this front, offering more well-appointed cabins than ever before. Aftermarket companies like Caravaggio Corvettes have even stepped in to bring American muscle cars to the same level of luxury found in Europe's best.

Amongst the muscle cars, the 2020 Dodge Challenger Hellcat already has a pretty nice cabin with soft leather or Alcantara and luxury features like heated and ventilated seats. But if you poke around the dashboard and lower portions of the interior, you can clearly see where Dodge saved some money with cheap plastics. With 717 horsepower for under $60,000, there is bound to be price cutting somewhere but now Bulgarian tuning house Vilner has stepped in to give the Challenger Hellcat a luxurious new interior.

Vilner Vilner Vilner Vilner

Vilner usually specializes in European luxury vehicles but when an owner came in with a standard SRT Hellcat, the tuner didn't turn down the challenge. Starting with the exterior, Vilner added a matte red wrap and new Demon stickers, giving the car more flare. Most of the changes come on the interior where almost all of the stock surfaces have been refinished.

"We started by stripping the interior, piece by piece, as if we've begun to reveal the true soul of the Demon," company founder, Atanas Vilner, explained. "Then came the time to dress it up again, not in Prada, but in something that even Mrs. Prada herself wouldn't have thought of. We had to make sure that just by someone looking at the interior will instantly recognize that there is no other than one of the most powerful engines on earth hiding under the hood, we wanted to show its power even when the car isn't moving, even when it's heart is not pumping gasoline at a few thousand RPM's per second."

Vilner Vilner Vilner Vilner

Some of the changes inside include reupholstered seats, red seatbelts, carbon fiber pieces, new door car finishes, red Alcantara front seatbacks, and stitched Hellcat emblems. Based on the photos, it looks like Vilner took almost every hard plastic surface with new materials. The cost to dress up an entire interior can not be insignificant, as Vilner has successfully transformed the cabin of the Hellcat into a sinister luxury car.

Vilner Vilner Vilner

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