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Dodge Challenger Mopar Edition Sold Out in 1 Day

Limited Edition

You had your chance.

Since 2010, Dodge has released a limited edition Mopar Challenger. Both Mopar and Challenger are classic names and Baby Boomers especially have fond memories of them, despite the fact they often couldn’t afford one when they were young. Today’s a different story and now that many in that generation of Mopar fans have the dough available, they’re anxious to fulfill an old dream. Enter the 2014 Mopar Dodge Challenger. Or more specifically, all 100 of them.

Oh wait, never mind. Scratch that. They’re all gone, completely sold out in just one damn day. And no one should be in the least bit surprised. Aside from a unique exterior featuring Gloss Black aluminum wheels with Mopar center caps, a unique Black Vapor grille surround, a black fuel-filler door, a Satin Black deck-lid spoiler with Gloss Black “Mopar Design” badge and “Mopar” quarter-glass decals, Dodge also tossed in that Shaker hood. A 5.7-liter Hemi V8 doesn’t hurt at all either. The interior also received some unique touches. They can also add plenty of Mopar accessories like a short-throw shifter, fuel-filler door, lowering springs, and a performance suspension. Better start saving now for next year.

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