Dodge Challenger Sets Sail In Florida, Promptly Sinks

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Turns out the Dodge Challenger isn't actually a boat.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, every once in a while, there comes an image that just leaves us speechless - like these photos of a Dodge Challenger partially submerged in water in a Florida lagoon.

According to the photographer, one Kozmo Koz on Facebook, the driver was an older man who accidentally backed over a parking lot curb and through the grass, missing two palm trees and reversing right down the beach and into the water. That's quite the trek for the muscle car, which looks to our eyes like a Scat Pack Shaker in Octane Red. We don't know too many engines that enjoy trying to compress water. What a loss.

But thankfully - and more importantly - Kozmo Koz said in a Facebook post that no one was seriously harmed in the incident, from the driver to the handful of people that had been at the beach that day.

The incident took place at Jupiter Inlet - a stunning inlet in Jupiter, Florida that's widely considered quite dangerous when the current ebbs. The area also has a fascinating history of celebrity residents, with past and present notables including Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Kid Rock, Burt Reynolds, and Celine Dion.

Dodge Webb Bland

Naturally, plenty of commenters on Facebook expressed skepticism at the story of how the Dodge Challenger came to be in the water. Some appeared to suggest that it could have been a case of insurance fraud, and others noted the suspicious lack of visible tire tracks, deducing that the images must have been photoshopped.

We doubt that anyone would go to the trouble of photoshopping the same Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker submerged in a Florida lagoon from multiple angles for the sake of a prank, but regardless of the circumstances behind the images, we're happy that no one was seriously hurt by the incident.

You can whip out your tired "the Challenger is a boat" jokes now, if you must.

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