Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Wheels Are Too Wide For The Production Line

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Thankfully Dodge came up with a clever workaround so it can keep making it.

It's no surprise that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is an extraordinary vehicle that's far outside the realm of the usual production car. Hell, it even has the ability to drink pump gas or race fuel without affecting the engine in a negative way. That's why it doesn't take much guesswork to imagine it's probably produced under abnormal circumstances as well. Reddit user TheStraightPipes has found that to be true after they spotted a Demon at Chrysler's Brampton, Ontario plant.


What's abnormal about the Demon he saw are its wheels, which are skinner than the 315mm drag radials that are supposed to come on the Demon. They do no service to the wide fenders, which are only there in the first place to accommodate wider wheels. This is no production mishap, Dodge does that intentionally. According to The Drive, Fiat Chrysler spokesperson Kristin Starnes claims that the drag radial tires are too wide for the assembly line. To get around the problem, Dodge puts on a set of stock SRT wheels painted in blue (probably to avoid confusion) as a temporary way to get around the issue. The Demons are then shipped to Redford Township, Michigan near Detroit to get prepped for dealership delivery.

At this point, the wider drag radials are installed but until then, it's skinny, blue, and slightly humiliating placeholder wheels. Not everyone on Reddit agrees though, some users claim the reason for the stand-in wheels has to do with the fact that drag tires and cold weather don't get along, and cold perfectly describes the conditions around the Demon's Canadian factory. In fact, freezing temperatures are usually enough to permanently damage drag radials, causing cracks to form that render them useless. To be fair, Michigan's weather is anything but warm either, but at least installing the radials once the cars have been shipped through one of the colder legs of the journey should help preserve that sticky rubber.

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